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Wood Furniture Refinishing

If you want a wood furniture refinishing team that will deliver an optimal service for your home, then you really need to contact 2 4 1 Construction today. Unmatched in terms of price, quality and convenience, there is very little that our skilled team can’t do. Call us today and allow our skilled team of refinishing specialists help you make the best of your wood furniture improvements. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

When Wood Refinishing Might Not Work for You

As wood furniture refinishing specialists, it may seem surprising that we at 2 4 1 Construction, would suggest instances where refinishing might not work for you but the reality is that if you are looking to revamp a piece of vintage wooden furniture for your living room or kitchen then you need to consider the following two questions closely:

Has the piece been, painted?

As a simple rule of thumb, if the answer to this question is yes then you need to proceed with caution. The reason for this is because if a chair, cabinet or wooden table has been painted in the past then there’s usually a reason for this. In most cases, a paint job is often hiding something more serious such as stains, burns or scratches. So, as a general rule we at 2 4 1 Construction recommend that our clients purchase and spend time refinishing furniture that has been varnished rather than painted. It usually means less nasty surprises.

Is Re-Gluing Necessary?

This question isn’t just important in terms of refinishing, it is also a crucial query that any homeowner should consider closely before even purchasing a used piece of wooden furniture. A quick and effective way of establishing if the chest of drawers, cabinet or bedroom dresser needs to be re-glued is by trying the so-called ‘rickety test’. This means rocking the chest of drawers back and forth to see how much, if any, swaying takes place.

Should I Move Out During Wood Floor Refinishing?

Even though most floors can be used 24 to 36 hours after sealing has taken place, the reality is that it takes weeks of this treatment to fully cure. During this time, it is important that you avoid inhaling many of the fumes that can accompany the staining process. Moving out of your home is the surest way of achieving this.

Avoid Sub-Standard Refinishing Teams

You wouldn’t have your yard designed by a landscaper with a bad reputation, nor would you stay in a hotel that had bad reviews. So, why would then would you take chances with inferior refinishing teams when it comes to carrying out the necessary work on valuable furniture in your home. At 2 4 1 Construction, our skilled team of refinishing specialists take what they do very seriously. That is why when we say we will deliver a top-quality job, you know that we mean it. Don’t settle for second-best, call the refinishing team you can rely on today.